Decorating for Fall, Part One

Last weekend, I went to our local Farmer’s Market to try to find the biggest mum they had – this one is a monster-mum! We even had trouble getting it in the car to take home!!

It was mostly blooms when I got it, but it’s flowering out now – the colors are so pretty!

This is Mr. Scarecrow Man (I know, I just don’t have a better name for him and “Mr. Scarecrow Man” is what Av and I always call him!). The first year that Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion was published, they had something like this in the magazine, and I went out and painted a face onto a terracotta pot, then made a hay body and a mum for his hair. I am SO not a painter, but the shapes are really easy:

We put him on the front porch every year. BTW, that gourd is supposed to be him playing the banjo!

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