Agrifolk Art

Tomorrow begins the Agrifolk Art in America exhibit at the Soho Myriad Gallery in Atlanta. It’s a project between Andrew Dietz (who wrote The Last Folk Hero) and Jonathon Keats.

What they’ve partered on is something they’re calling “the merger of agriculture and folk art.”

The invitation goes on to say, “previously unaffiliated, the two industries were merged for the first time in Forsyth County, Georgia, with stirring repercussions in regions ranging from the Farm Belt to the Chelsea District. During the weekend of September 16th, fifty Leland Cypress trees at the Kinsey Family Farm in Cumming, Georgia were provided with mark-making implements and Strathmore paper supported by professional-grade easels and given three days to create a series of drawings. Agrifolk Art in America features thirty of the artists’ best work along with related artifacts that document the founding of this vital new art movement.”

That’s right. The trees are the artists.

I haven’t seen a ‘finished’ work yet, but I have to admit, I’m interested to see!

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