Scrapbook Paper Birdhouses

Leslie and I had an idea to take some of our pretty scrapbook paper and Mod-Podge it to birdhouses, rather than painting them. Leslie went for this really cool mod-look, and I went more…mmmm…Victorian, I guess. They turned out so interesting & neat!

wooden birdhouses from craft shop
Foam brushes (the $.30 black ones)
scrapbook paper
glitter and any other embellishments you like
folk art paint for any areas that you’d rather paint than paper

We found that it was easiest to to lay the paper over the surface it was going to be applied to, then to push it into all the corners, making fold-marks in the paper. It was from those fold marks that we knew exactly where to cut the paper. This was a million times easier than taking measurements.

We put lots of mod-podge on the wood, then laid the cut paper over it, folded the paper, and then mod-podged several coats over the top of the paper to protect it, then moved on to the next section.

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