Oka Kapassa

Av and I drove up to Tuscumbia for this year’s Oka Kapassa – Return to Coldwater festival. Before we walked over to the festival, we spent some time around the geese:

…and the monuments:

This one is called “Sacred Tears” and it was done by Branko Medenica.

There was a plaque beside this waterfall that said that it’s the largest known manmade natural stone waterfall:

At the festival, there were storytellers, people displaying and telling about traditional tools:

…traditional foods (this is fry bread):

…and craftspeople:

Here is Tom Hendrix, who built Te-Lah-Nay’s wall. Ah, love him.

The opening ceremony included people from different tribes dancing into the circle:

Once the flag was brought in, they asked that all veterans come into the circle and dance with them:

Next, they had demonstrations of traditional dances:


The announcer joked that someone must have done a rain dance because it all of a sudden just started pouring down! We wanted to get over to Huntsville anyway, so we went ahead and left then. Oka Kapassa was really nice and we’ll try to come again next year!

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