Mobile Museum of Art Exhibits

Av and I visited the Mobile Museum of Art last week, to see the Shearwater Pottery and George Ohr (thru September 30) exhibit and the Nall exhibits (thru September 24).

For the ‘Alabama Art’ series, Nall did a portrait of different local artists, and then the museum featured one or more pieces by that artist. For instance, one of the portraits is of Chip Cooper, then the museum exhibited three different photographs by Chip Cooper. Some of the artists even contributed by decorating the frame around their portrait (Bruce Larsen’s nest was sooo great).

In the series were:
Clifton Pearson
Betty Sue Matthews
Flemming Tyler Wilson
Yvonne Wells
Chip Cooper
Bruce Larsen
Charlie Lucas
Frank Fleming
Steve Skidmore
William Christenberry
Jimmy Lee Sudduth
Bill Nance
Mose Tolliver
Kathryn Tucker Windham

The Alabama Art book contains all these portraits and works by the featured artists, so it’s a great reference – I already had it, but they had more available at the museum. Fannie Flagg wrote the book’s introduction (“(Alabama is)…a land of voodoo, hillbilly music, blues, gospel, barbecue, fried catfish, gumbo, and pickled pigs’ feet…”) and Rick Bragg wrote the preface.

The Shearwater Pottery and George Ohr pottery exhibits were *fabulous*. The George Ohr pieces were fascinating, and I loved the Shearwater pieces with the blue rain glaze, especially – Dancing Man vase (1939), Mammy and Child (1940), and Chesty Horse (1940).

I have to mention two really clever artists the museum features in its permanent collection also:
“Flight from Servitude” (1998), done by (Leslie Ann) Les Christensen is a pair of wings constructed with hundreds of spoons. They also have a carrot cabinet by Craig Nutt, who is just endlessly clever. His vegetable-inspired furniture is amazing!

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