Football Season Reverse-Applique Challah Cover

My favorite season of the year is Fall. The magazines are starting to show nice Autumn features, I saw mums for sale at one of the garden centers, it was finally under 90+* outside this week, and of course today is the first big day for college football (yay!)!

I made this for an LSU fan…it’s a challah cover that’s perfect for this season!

Two colors of fleece, in team colors – about 1/2 yard each
Fabric tack (fabric glue)
Computer, printer
Sharpie pen
An existing challah cover (as a guide)

On the computer, I printed out three sheets, each with the letters of the team. These are 300pt Arial black. Cut the letters out, and these will be the cutting template.

I gathered the fabric and cut them to size. I put an existing challah cover over the top, measured an extra 4″ around each side (this makes room for the fringe), and cut the fleece to those dimensions:

I centered the letters on the piece of fabric that I wanted to be the top color of the challah cover. Cutting the letters out of the purple lets the gold on the bottom layer show through.

I traced the letters, and cut them out. Next, I placed the gold fleece behind the purple. I took fabric tack and ran a bead of glue around and underneath all the edges of the letters. That needs to dry overnight.

With the fleece together, I cut a 4″ square notch on each of the four corners. To make the fringe, I took my scissors and cut slits through both pieces of the fabric together, about one inch wide and four inches up, on the two long sides of the cover, then knotted the gold and purple strips togethe.
All done! Geaux Tigers!

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