Drago’s, Metairie LA

The last time we ate at Drago’s was October 4, 2005. They were on day 24 and we were two of over 47,000 they had served (see on the sign where it says “without FEMA help”?). They wouldn’t take our (or anyone else’s) money. You know how there are times when you are reminded that the world is just teeming with beautiful, generous people? This was one of those days:

This time, we were all under better circumstances.
Av had their gumbo:

…and I had a half-dozen charbroiled oysters.
Ohmygoodness. They were *amazing*. The best, ever. Ever.

They were so good, I took two pictures!

My entree was the duck:

…and Av had the seafood plate:

…and we had them box up half our entrees so we could nibble on bread pudding:


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