Cheating on Leslie at Leatha’s

Av and I went back to New Orleans this week, so on the way, we stopped in Hattiesburg and had lunch at Leatha’s, our favorite barbecue place in Mississippi.

It was amazing, as always, and I had what have to be the best beef ribs on the planet. Earlier this year, we took our friend Leslie (post here) there, and she is still talking about it! Well…I just couldn’t help myself, so I took a pic of my plate and sent it to Leslie with this message:

…and this is what she wrote back!

We had a big laugh about it! hahahaha!!! I promised her in the next couple of weeks we’d go to that great yarn shop (Yarns Downtown) in Columbus and then down to Hattiesburg for Leatha’s…and hmmm…being so close to the water, it would be a shame not to spend the night at the beach, too!

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