Beau Rivage, Biloxi MS

On our way home from New Orleans, we went through Biloxi and stopped for a little while at the Beau Rivage – it re-opened August 29th. We haven’t been there since early August in 2005.

We didn’t stay the night, but we went inside to see all the renovations. Everything looks really, really nice.

I was hoping that this pretty mosaic in the floor was still intact, and it is!:

The first couple of nights were sold-out, but I received an email from them with rates for other weekday nights at $109. The guestrooms were renovated along with everything else during their closing, so the next time we are in town, it might be nice to stay there again. Also…Todd English is opening a restaurant there called ‘Olives’ (there are six locations of that restaurant), and I think that is supposed to be open by the end of the year. Neat!

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