Thanks Vera

Yay! We have a new mattress!

I posted a couple of months ago about Vera Wang designing mattresses for Serta…

…and so we went to a local shop and after trying a few of them, and bought the “Bouquet”. It’s described as a “mega Euro top” and it is SO tall! I’m thinking about getting a little set of stairs just so I can get in and out of bed more gracefully!

Okay, I just have to go on and on about it. It is just so great! The mattress we used to have was mine that I bought when I was graduating from college and got my own apartment, so it’s about eleven years old, and I guess about the right age to replace. One of my friends even came over to try the new one once it was delivered yesterday, and she didn’t want to get up! Av and I slept so good last night. We really should have done this sooner!

…and – I have one of those super-cute sheep now!


Update: wow, I can only laugh now about my unbridled optimism on this bed. It’s terrible! hahaha!

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