Shrinky Dink Magnets

Besides the nightlights I made with Shrinky Dinks last week, I also made some magnets!

What you’ll need for ones made on the computer:
Shrinky Dink inkjet paper
computer, software like Photoshop, printer
oven preheated to 300*
cookie sheet
paper sack cut to fit cookie sheet
paper towels for sprinkling embossing powder
embossing powder
magnets for the size SD you make
hot glue gun, glue

For complete instructions on making SDs print on the computer, see the previous project I did.

Here, I’ve printed out some ads for one of Av’s favorite beers onto Shrinky Dink inkjet paper, cut them out, put them on a paper-sack lined cookie sheet in a preheated 300* oven:

..and once they were done (about four minutes) and cool enough to touch, I put them on a paper towel.

Below, I’ve sprinkled them all over with embossing powder to make a nice, thick, clear layer over the top of the SD). I put them back in the 300* oven, and they came out nice and shiny (it took 3-4 minutes for all the embossing powder to melt in the oven):

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