Preseason Saints Game

We had such a great time at the Saints game!

This was a pre-season game, and it was held in Jackson, MS at Millsaps. Traffic was c-r-a-z-y because they didn’t have enough people working, but the nice thing was that some of the houses on the street we were on decorated for the game.

We were wondering who we would get to see play, since this was a pre-season game, but Peyton Manning quarterbacked for the Colts most of the game. We got to see a lot of Dante Stallworth, Deuce McAllister, and Reggie Bush for the Saints. I was really hoping that we’d get to see Reggie Bush do something great, but it just wasn’t a very good night for the Saints (we lost 27-14).

One of the very neatest things about the game was that the ‘Sonic Boom of the South’ – the Jackson State band – played during halftime. This isn’t a great video (when my camera doesn’t know what to focus on in movie-mode, it focuses in and out – but the very best part of this is what the announcer says):

“…and the most delightful and delectable sights and sounds available to any audience any time, and any where. Friends, it’s the apex of excellence…”
There’s another good movie of Jackson State on their website here, from when they opened the 34th Annual Image Awards.

The Saints did better in the second half, but we couldn’t catch up in time.

We loved the game, though!

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