Place d’Armes Hotel, New Orleans LA

This was our first time to stay at the Place d’Armes in the Quarter. It’s not a chain, and it’s supposed to be more…quaint and historic than some of the other hotels around. Rather than just one building, the hotel is made up of five or so separate buildings around a central courtyard. Although Av and I have our favorites in New Orleans (the Ritz, the W, and the Monteleone), we still like to try new hotels. I had high hopes for this one.

Until I saw the room.
The bed was just flat (and so were the pillows). When I changed into my pj’s and went around the side of the bed to take the bedspread off the bed, my feet got wet because the air conditioning unit was leaking. Yuck!
Anyway, we decided we could manage it one night (since it was pretty late anyway), but we checked out early the next day.

It’s really a shame, because the surroundings are so pretty!

The pool is small but gorgeous:

…and it really has just SO much potential. I mean, can you get much more beautiful than this stairway?:

…maybe we just got one of the last (worst) rooms that evening, since we were so late coming in. Some of the other rooms from their website look so much prettier & nicer!

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