Hilton Garden Inn, Montgomery AL…and a little bit about B&Bs

Av and I spent one night in Montgomery this week, at the Hilton Garden Inn.

There aren’t any historic hotels in Montgomery to stay at – so it’s either something like this (which is in the middle of a really nice corporate park) or a B&B. TripAdvisor lists three different ones, but I could only find the website for the Red Bluff Cottage.

I think sometime this Fall, Av and I are going to stay at one or two of the B&Bs in Natchez – but we’re not going during Fall Pilgrimage. I know that if you stay at one of the bigger B&Bs, you have to make sure that when you make the reservation that your room will be in the main house because some of them have so much business that they have built separate buildings for overnight guests on the grounds.

Av and I have stayed in Port Gibson at the Bernheimer House – it’s about 35 minutes north of Natchez. Loren and Nancy are really, really nice, and Loren keeps us updated on the restoration he’s doing to the mosaics on the outside of the home. So neat!

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