Going to the Drive In

We went to the Argo Drive In (there are some pics of it here, but I couldn’t find a website – their phone # is 205.467.3434) Sunday night. The movie started at 8:15pm, and the cost was $10 per car. When we first got a space, we actually had to move because there were so many big pickup trucks (the ones where they are customized to be really tall for off-roading) that we couldn’t see the screen too well in my Volvo! We moved the car, and when we rolled the windows down, we smelled cherry scent. Like…fake cherries. The person in the pickup truck next to us had his windows rolled down and hanging from his rearview mirror were those cherry car deodorizers! It was yucky and funny at the same time. We smelled our clothes afterwards to see if we smelled like fake cherries (we did!)!

About halfway through the movie, we heard something really loud getting closer and closer. At first I couldn’t tell what it was, and then about 50 yards behind us, a train (!) went through!!! It was so funny – we and everybody else just turned up the volume until it passed.

Earlier this summer Av and I decided we’d like to try to go to every drive-in in Alabama (there are eleven) and Mississippi (there are three), so this is another one off our list. The movie was great and we had a lot of fun. Yay!

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