Blueprint’s Second Issue

I received the second issue of Blueprint – the new magazine from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – yesterday in the mail.

It’s so much better than the first issue! It’s wonderful!

The first section of the magazine is called ‘Perimeter: Personal Style from Every Angle.’ It’s great. It’s just one little find after another – from clever things to buy to clever things to make or repurpose. One of the projects is a simple and neat way to organize and charge cell phones/Blackberries/iPods without having cords show everywhere. That one I’m definitely going to do.

My favorite sections were: a section on putting houseplants in large see-through glass containers, a skin-care expert’s recommendations (I love that one of her picks was the huge jar of Cetaphil moisturizing cream), healthy choices (like the nutritional differences between dairy and soy, red and white wine, olive oil and canola), and ideas for a wine tasting party.

The least helpful section is maybe the etiquette feature. Doesn’t everyone know not to, at the gym, “dangle your gym duffel from one handle of the elliptical machine, your two-foot-wide work tote from the other. Drop your coat, scart, umbrella, and paper shopping bag in a heap resembling a snowman.”?

Overall, the contents are great…especially at the wine tasting party where they make a red wine glass stain at each (brown paper) placesetting, with a guest’s name written inside, rather than the usual card. Love that!

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