Alabama Art Cards by Nall

Earlier this week, I bought a set of Alabama Art Cards designed by Nall – they are wonderful!

The face of each of the cards is this image, which is also the cover of the ‘Alabama Art’ book he edited, published in 2000.

In the spades suit, he features Frank Fleming, Kathryn Tucker Windham, and Martin Luther King Jr. (jokers are Bruce Larsen and Susan Starr):

Diamonds are Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Helen Keller, and Chip Cooper.

Clubs are Mose T, Betty Sue Matthews, and Booker T. Washington:

Hearts are Nall, Yvonne Wells, and Truman Capote:

…and each of the suits features a symbol of Alabama – the pecan, the dogwood berry, the cotton boll, and the camellia.

Enclosed with the cards is an insert where Nall writes about memories of growing up. He writes, “Before television, I spent many moments playing cards with family and friends, laughing and socializing around a front porch table or under the wisteria arbor. These memories are captured here in the portraits of many of Alabama’s best-known painters, photographers, writers, and sculptors.”

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