Neshoba County Fair

Av and I went to our first Neshoba County Fair this week. It was wonderful!

Here’s the entrance (oh! and I have to mention that people parked what must have been miles from the entrance, but Av just drove up and got a practically the best park in the whole place! hahaha!):

There was harness racing going on when we first got there, so we watched a race:

…then we went inside one of the exhibit buildings (this is always my very favorite part of any fair):

And then there’s this

…and one of the very neatest parts of the Neshoba County Fair – what makes it different from any other fair I know – is that people live here! Families have cabins that they’ve held for generations that they only live in the eight days of the fair. Some of them have sold for over $100,000!

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