Lunch with a Legend

We had a *spectacular* time this weekend. It was wonderful for about a million different reasons, but one reason in particular is in the picture above. We had been invited to a special event, and at the luncheon, just guess who came and sat down right next to me?? Kathryn Tucker Windham. Oh, yes!

Well, I was just thrilled beyond belief.

When I introduced myself, I told her that like thousands of Alabama schoolchildren, I grew up reading her books. Was she ever so sweet and gracious! If I hadn’t been so star-struck, I would have asked her about her interest in Julia Tutwiler and two million other things, but at the moment I was just taking it in that I was having lunch with KTW! We wound up talking about her writing career, that Av grew up right across the street from one of her friends, and watermelons!

Needless to say, I have been a fan of hers since I was in elementary school and her books were read aloud to us (and since then, I’ve gone to see her do storytellings – and book signings). Sooo exciting to have lunch with her!

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