Flickr Pics

I just went through the last year or so of pics I’ve taken and uploaded to Flickr — wow! I think one of the main things I like about Flickr is that it’s so easy to search and just to browse over the pics I’ve taken, and the ones of my friends there, too.

One of the best things is that it’s super-easy to turn what’s been uploaded into physical pictures…you just click on ‘order prints’, decide whether to pick them up at a Target store or have them mailed, and that’s it!

This morning, I ordered 95 4″x6″ prints of pics I’ve taken over the past year. They were ready in one hour at Target (and only cost $16.20), and I picked them up this afternoon. They look *great* and I can’t wait to start playing with them and figuring which ones to send to friends and which ones to put on the fridge, and which ones to put in a scrapbook! Fun!!

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