Creole Nature Trail

Av and I decided to take the Creole Nature Trail through Southwest Louisiana. It’s a Natural Scenic Byway, and it took us about four hours to drive the loop (and stop several times for pictures and fun).

There were *so many* things to see! First of all, and I didn’t get a real picture of a single one, but we saw maybe…five or six alligators swimming! We would be driving, see an alligator, but there really weren’t many good places to pull over. Then we would tell ourselves that there would be a better place to stop at the next alligator, but there wasn’t! So it was totally thrilling to see alligators like that, in real life…even though I didn’t get to take a good pic. But it was so, so neat.

Way down this channel is an alligator. I promise.

There were so many gorgeous birds!

We stopped at Holly Beach – it’s called the ‘Creole Riviera’ and was devastated by Hurricane Rita (see before pics by AMDM here and after pics by National Geographic here and the USGS here).

We got out for a few minutes to get our toes wet.

Here’s a little movie of the beach (my camera going in and out of focus on the waves makes it a little dreamy):

Next, we took a car ferry to Cameron. It was my first time to be on a car ferry! For some reason, they wouldn’t allow people to stand outside their cars, but it was fun anyway!

This sea gull landed right beside our car before we got on the ferry:

We waited about ten minutes to drive on:

Here’s everyone on the ferry:
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Dolphins swam not far from the ferry, and these pelicans flew right in front:

Once the ferry dropped us off, we went to Cameron.

The way back to Lake Charles was pretty too:

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