Bottlecap Magnets and Thumbtacks

This is the easiest craft ever!

I needed some extra magnets, so I took out my box of bottlecaps (I bought these on eBay a couple of years ago when I did a resin-poured bottlecap project):

…got my hot-glue gun, and some magnets out:

Put a dot of hot glue on the back of each bottlecap:

…carefully put the magnet on:

…and they were all set!

I’ve got some of them on my refrigerator, holding up pictures now.

I make bottlecap thumbtacks for Av’s office, too. All it takes is the hot-glue gun, bottlecaps, and quilter’s thumbtacks:

…just dab on some hot glue…

…add the thumbtack…

…and they’re all done! These are so much neater than just regular thumbtacks, so I make enough for anybody that wants some.

I’m going to need to make more of the resin-poured bottlecaps (those are the neat ones where you put a picture out of a magazine or that you print in the middle of the bottlecap, embellish with glitter and tiny beads or sequins, then pour resin over to set them) this month for another project, so when I do them, I’ll post the how-to then.

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