80s House

Av and I are in the market for a new home. There’s nothing wrong with our current home, but we want to go ahead and start looking before we have all our kiddies, because there are certain things we just want to have in place. We found this home about 20 minutes from where we live now…it seemed *perfect* – it was about 3000 sq ft with five bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths, two fireplaces, a swimming pool, a barn, and 4-1/2 acres. To me, it seemed like *the* perfect place! I could just see us having big parties, hanging around the pool, keeping some small animals, and having that huge land on the side for kids to run around in.

…so Av and I have driven by it a couple of times and shown the outside to some friends, and then yesterday we had our appointment with the realtor to walk around and see the inside.


Honestly, it is a great house. A great, great house. But it is SO ’80s. There is bad flowery wallpaper everywhere. And you have never seen so much hunter green and burgundy! hahaha!! The whole house needed repainting/depapering and pulling carpet up to lay down hardwood floors. Every light fixture needed an update. And so on. In other words, this home was already a lot of money, but with the money that we would have to put into it to make it cheerful and happy and “us”, it would take thousands and thousands extra.

The best part was that it made me want to take on more home-improvement projects here at the home we have now so when we sell it, it will be completely updated!

The realtor was super-nice and he’s going to see what he can find for us. Since we’ve got some time to work with, it’s nice to not be in a big rush so we can find the perfect place. He’s going to also email us a document that he got at a conference that tells current homeowners things they can do with their homes that will give a 100%+ return on investment. Can’t wait to see that!

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