Washington, D.C.

We were running a little bit behind to be in Baltimore, so we just did a ‘drive-by’ tour of Washington (so that’s why the pics aren’t better! sorry!). We didn’t schedule a day to be there, because the one thing I really wanted to do – go to the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum – is closed until July 1st. This was my first time to be in Washington – I was *so impressed*! It was like the biggest, most beautiful college campus (with too much traffic and construction) in the world. I had no idea how pretty it is!

Av’s been several times before – once he was there for the rally for Soviet Jewry (it was the day before Gorbachev was to visit President Reagan, and the rally was to get Gorbachev to open up emigration of Soviet Jews as part of his overall governmental reforms). That is *so neat*.

Anyway! Here’s the Pentagon – it’s in Alexandria, Virginia – and it’s HUGE.

This is the Lincoln Memorial:

This is the Washington Monument:

This is the Capitol Building:

Here are several other pics of different buildings:

Here’s our drive-by pic of the White House!

This is the Watergate Hotel:

Wow! Gas was $3.299 there for regular!

Did you know that on license plates in Washington, that they actually say “Taxation without Representation”?

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