Supper in Little Italy

Baltimore has this super-charming neighborhood called Little Italy – it’s wonderful! We had supper at Sabatino’s:

My supper started with salad, with their house dressing (which is really, really wonderful. It looks like there’s too much of it on this salad, but it’s so good that was totally okay!).

I ordered the brasciloe, which was just okay (although I must have not realized when I ordered that it had veal in it, which I try never to eat).

Av had a pasta dish that was sauteed in garlic and white wine that he really liked (I took a pic, but it was too shaky and didn’t turn out well).

Next, we walked a couple of blocks:

…to Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop. They had a zillion different things, 50% of which I had never even heard of!

I love this poster outside:

We were still a little full from supper, so we got two cannoli to take back to the hotel. I’ve had cannoli, but it was *nothing close* to this. Yum!!

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