Supper in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dixie Dining had a listing for Allman’s Bar-B-Q in Fredericksburg, so we decided to give it a try. We wanted to see how barbecue in Virginia was different from what we have back home…

Here’s what I ordered – a barbecue sandwich with slaw and onion rings. When I ordered, the waitress asked if I wanted the barbecue minced, which I took as chopped (never heard of minced barbecue) – and sure enough, it was *minced* – super-minced!

See on the menu board below, where it says under ‘sandwiches’ that slaw on sandwich is $.30 extra? I asked the waitress if most people here put slaw on their barbecue sandwich, and she said that almost all of them do…so that’s how I got it – and it was good that way! The barbecue sauce on the table was different too – almost like a sweet & sour taste. Not my favorite.

Av got a hamburger, which he thought was really, really good.

After supper, we drove over to Carl’s Custard at 2200 Princess Anne Street.

I got a vanilla cone and Av got a chocolate cone. Yummy!

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