Sailing on the Clipper City

One evening, Av and I went on a cruise around Inner Harbor on the Clipper City – it’s a tall ship (the kind with those huge, magnificent sails)! I’d never been on a ship like this before, so I was really excited!

We sailed around the Inner Harbor for a couple of hours – chatting with other people, etc. – and at one point we passed Fort McHenry, where during the war of 1812, a flag was made to hang there so big that the British would have no trouble seeing it. It was after a battle one day in 1814 that inspired Frances Scott Key to write the “Star Spangled Banner” once he could see that “the flag was still there”.

It was really neat to see it the day we did, because our cruise was on Flag Day. There’s much more about the story about Fort McHenry and the flag here.

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