The Varsity, Atlanta GA

Since Av and I were already in Atlanta, there was no way we could go and not run over to the Varsity. We always try to get over there if we have any time – even just for a sweet tea.

The Varsity, Atlanta GA//

The Varsity, Atlanta GA//

Whenever you walk in, you’ll hear the people taking orders saying, “whaddya have, whaddya have” – so be sure to have your order figured out before you step up to the counter.

Av had a couple of hotdogs – they’re beef, but I don’t know what brand – and some fries. I had a sandwich (they have yummy egg salad, and pimento cheese!) and a fried peach pie.
Lunch at The Varsity, Atlanta GA//

Here’s the peach fried pie. Yum!
Fried Peach Pie at The Varsity, Atlanta GA//

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