Ice Age Under the Stars. And Amphitheaters.

Av and I stopped in Boaz Saturday night at the Sand Mountain Drive In – it was the first time I’d been to a Drive In since I was in second or third grade, and was the first time *ever* that Av had been to one! I didn’t even realize that until I asked him just now when the last one he went to was, and he said this was his first – I just figured that *everybody* over the age of….um….twenty-five? thirty? had been to one at some time.

Anyway, it was fabulous! We drove in – this theater has two screens, and we chose the one playing ‘Ice Age 2’. The movie cost $10 (it’s a charge per car, not per person) and we were given a ticket and a sheet with all the snack foods they were serving. To listen to the movie, you just put your radio on 103.3 FM.

We were in the Volvo, so we rolled down all the windows and opened the sunroof all the way….it was such nice night to watch a movie! The people on the right side of us were in a big SUV, and they put out those folding chairs that people sit in at games (the nylon-seated chairs that you can fold up into a bag), and brought food to munch on during the movie. The people to the left of us were in a big pickup truck, and they were sitting in the bed of the truck on chairs and had a big cooler full of things. I think it would be really neat for next time to do it all the way — to make a special supper, picnic-style, and do it up really nice.

During the summer, Av and I like to go to Chastain in Atlanta – it’s this *wonderful* amphitheater where people reserve their space and either bring in or *have catered* their table at the concert (complete with full-course meals, tablecloths, candles, etc). It’s really beautiful when it’s dark and the candlelight from all the tables lights up the theater. This year, they’re holding a lot of concerts I’d love to see – especially Anita Baker, Fiona Apple, and Lyle Lovett.

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