Cirque du Soleil Show, Delirium

Last week, we went with a bunch of friends (some old, some new) to the Cirque du Soleil show, Delirium. It was wonderful! Our seats were *exactly* at eye level with the stage (it’s performed in the round) – there were some tickets that I think probably went for more money that were on the floor of the arena, but I think those people had to actually look ‘up’ the whole time to see exactly what was going on. Our view was perfect….and the whole show was just amazing.

Before Cirque du Soleil comes out, Nitza performs a 20-minute preshow – she was okay – I think I was just so hyped about getting to see another Cirque show that I couldn’t wait for it to start. When the Cirque show starts (after about another 20-minute intermission), it’s just fabulous from beginning to end, and everybody we went to it with, I think, enjoyed it just as much as we did! We had 14 tickets, so we practically had our own row! 🙂

I’ve been looking forward to seeing another Cirque show ever since Av and I went to Alegria, which was at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi – I had never seen *anything* like Alegria, and was talking about it for days. Okay, I’m still talking about it! hahaha!! When we were in Montreal last summer, we wanted to see one of the shows there (because Montreal’s the home of Cirque) but they were in a break.

Right now, Cirque is doing six traveling shows and has five ‘resident’ shows – I would loooove to see any of them, except maybe Zumanity, because it’s a 18+ show and I’m just a prude that way. But anyway! We had a wonderful, wonderful time. We want to get to Las Vegas sometime later this year to see Barry Manilow at the Hilton and any/all of the other three Cirque shows there. Fun!

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