Supper and a Movie with Smitty

The night Av and I were in Livingston last week, we decided to go to the Sumter Theater (Smitty’s, 116 Franklin St), which is by the courthouse downtown.

Smitty’s is really different, which I love. When you walk in, you place your order for supper – they have *lots* of things on the menu. Av got fish and fries, I got a hamburger with a side of fried okra. We also paid for our movie tickets there at the counter…I think they were $5.50/ea. After we ordered and paid for the movie – Eight Below (which wasn’t really something I was really wanting to see, but I really wanted to just go to the show) – we sat down in the theater ON A COUCH.

Yes. We watched a movie in a real theater on a couch. They have plenty of the regular seating, but for whoever wants to pretend they’re at home with a really big tv and twelve other people they don’t know, there’s the couch. So neat!

Everyone at the movie, it seemed, also ordered supper – because when it’s ready, one of the people that works there steps into the theater, says the orderer’s name, and when they figure out who it belongs to, it’s served.

Anyway, it was sooooo cool to be there. How many other people in America, like the people and students at Livingston, get to watch a theater movie on a couch while munching on okra? I love it!

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