Jerry Brown Arts Festival

We had a nice time at the Jerry Brown Arts Festival this weekend. It was small – probably only 20 or so artists – but we met some really nice people, and brought home three things…

This is a pretty different-looking vase (the inside vase part isn’t full-length – it goes down about halfway) made by Ron Morris, who teaches at Bevill State. Ron and his wife are both **really** nice and fun to chat with.
Ron Morris Pottery

Ron calls it his ‘pie plate’ vase, because of the nice detail along the edge – that made me like it even more:
Ron Morris Pottery

This little birdhouse was made by Mark Williams from Bogart, Georgia. I’m going to hang it up outside this week:
Mark Williams Pottery Birdhouse

Mark also made this:
Mark Williams Pottery

I know, she’s a little….different! I say she looks like she has stage fright, but Av’s not so sure (heh!).

Mark also does a lot of face jugs (there’s a little about the history behind face jugs here).

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