Felt Ice Cream Cone

Since I had all my materials out to make figures out of felt, I decided to try to make an ice cream cone (not sure why!). Anyway, I think it turned out really cute.

Tan felt for the ice cream cone
Colors of felt in sheets for your ice cream colors (I used minty green and pink)
Embroidery floss in a beige or white color, plus embroidery needle
Cottony stuffing
Rotary cutter, self-healing mat
Bowls for circle template

I took a sheet of the tan felt and just rolled it from one edge to the other to make a cone shape. Sewed up the edge and along the top (I just tucked inside all the extra material – that comes in handy later):


Then, cut out two circles for each ice cream scoop – one will make the scoop, and the other will make a little ruffle under each scoop:

Do a running stitch around the border of one of the circles, then start pulling to close it up, but put in plenty of the cottony stuffing to make it poofy:

Then just sew it up:

Next, take the other circle of the same-color felt, and use the scissors to make a scalloped edge, and sew it to the bottom of the sewed-up scoop:

Here’s how it looks from above now:

Now, untuck the extra material from the cone, and push some of the stuffing down in it, up to almost the very top:

Once that is done, push all that extra material back down into the inside of the cone, and it will be this extra material that you use to fasten the first scoop to the cone.

Then, just make as many other scoops as you like, and sew them to the top of the one below it.

I didn’t have a good way to stand this up at first, but my cruet worked perfectly!

I think this works really neat – maybe even with a little felt cherry on top!

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