Felt Hamentaschen

Since Purim comes this week, I made a couple of felt hamentaschen.

Materials (for two hamentaschen):
One sheet dough-colored felt
One sheet jam-colored felt (I used a nice blue/purple)
Tan embroidery floss, needle
Fabric glue
Cottony stuffing
Self-healing mat
Rotary cutter
Round shapes (I used bowls) to be a circle template

Take the sheet of tan/dough-colored felt, and cut two circles from it. I just used a bowl as a template to use with my rotary cutter:

Here they are, all cut out:

Next, I cut a square of my jam-colored felt to fit inside the circle. I glued it on three sides to the tan felt:

Once the glue had dried, I put some of the cottony stuffing inside, then started folding it up to make the triangle shape. I made a fold, then took my embroidery thread and needle and sewed up each of the corners:

Almost done:

Next, I just used a tiny dab of glue to make everything nice and snug on the three corners:
Felt Hamantaschen Craft//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

I could have left it as-is, but I decided to make this one into a refrigerator magnet – just hot-glued a magnet to the back, and voila!

Happy Purim!

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