Black Belt Treasures, Camden AL

We finally got to visit Black Belt Treasures…it’s another shop that sells items from Alabama artists. I Tivo ‘Alabama at Work’ on APT, and they did a feature on it a few weeks ago (I think I’ve seen it in Southern Living, too). It’s a really nice shop with all kinds of things from clothes for children to pottery and other fine art. Here’s a pic of the inside of the shop:

Black Belt Treasures, Camden AL
One of the things we really liked were carved ducks by John Sheffey…it takes him at least four weeks to finish one of his ducks, and they’re priced between $450 and $1500, depending on how elaborate and large they are.

They had a nice selection of books, and Av got a couple. I got this wisteria vine piece:
Black Belt Treasures, Camden AL
It was in the children’s section as being a canopy bed for baby dolls, but I thought it would be really different as a stand for books (for now).

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