Omni Royal Orleans, New Orleans LA

This was our first stay at the Omni Royal Orleans – Av wanted us to get a hotel right on the parade route for the Krewe du Vieux so that since I would be by myself (he’s in the parade) I wouldn’t have to walk anywhere to be able to see it. The parade went right in front of the hotel and I was all set (I’ll post pics of the parade tomorrow)!

This is our room – it was small, but pretty nice. Av wanted to get us a balcony room so that I could be up there for the parade if I wanted, but they didn’t have any available, and when he checked us in, he asked again but they only had the regular rooms open.

Hotel Room, Omni Royal Orleans, New Orleans LA

For some reason, he asked if we could open the windows and they actually said that the windows were *nailed shut* because of people jumping out of them!!! WHAT?! Um…first of all I have a hard time believing that but also I can’t imagine telling a guest that, even if ever was true.

I was thinking that because this was a Omni hotel that it might be a little nicer. It wasn’t one of those hotels where everybody that works there knows your name (like when we’ve stayed at the Ritz-Carlton) but the lobby was nice and the room was okay.

The weirdest thing was that the commode flushed at something like 200 decibels. I would actually flush and run it was so loud!!! hahahaha!!

Anyway, we had a *fabulous* time – I’ll put pics up tomorrow of the Krewe du Vieux. Fun!

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