Ma’Cille’s Museum of Miscellanea – and the Art Goes On

There was a little museum in Gordo, Alabama that housed the years and years of ‘findings’ of Mama Lucille (Ma’Cille) House – from buttons to dolls to taxidermy to interesting…stuff – until 1998 when it was auctioned off. The house Ma’Cille lived in, which was the museum (people would visit from all over), is gone now.

There’s a gallery in town with the artwork of her son Glenn House, Sr. – who designed the Moon Winx sign, Kathleen Fetters – who’s Glenn’s wife and does these beautifully painted-over photographs, and Barbara Lee Black – who took some amazing pictures of Ma’Cille’s Museum of Miscellanea before it was gone…and besides her Ilforchrome photographs, she makes beautifully elaborate frames.

Their gallery is at 121 North Main Street in Gordo, in an old NAPA parts shop. I contacted Barbara Lee Black, and she said the gallery is open from 2-6pm *most* Fridays, but to call and make sure they’d be open before driving out (800.718.5893).

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