Decorating For Mardi Gras

Yay! It’s time to decorate for Mardi Gras! The first thing I started with was making a Mardi Gras feather wreath for the front door:

I took a large wire wreath-form (there weren’t any styrofoam ones at Hobby Lobby this big), two mardi gras feather boas, some floral wrapping tape, and some clear string to make it. Scissors too.

First, I wrapped the wire form with green floral tape. This is the tape that has adhesive ‘activated’ when you tug on it just a bit. I wanted to use this to make a solid color underneath the boas – it took all of about five or six minutes (and less than one roll of tape) to get this all wrapped up.

The first boa goes around and around the wreath form. I used clear jewelry string to secure it to the form, and when I got to the end of the first boa, I tied that end to the form, and tied the start of the next boa to the form *and* the end of the first boa to make sure it was really secure. Once the wreath was complete, I cut off most of the white string that wasn’t used to make sure it wouldn’t show.

Next, I hung it on the door and added beads. I added one huge string and lots of regular-size beads in purple, green, and gold. I like the way it turned out! The beads that are hanging off the sides of the wreath remind me of all the beads that get stuck on light fixtures and oak trees…
Mardi Gras Feather Wreath

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