More Yarn!

After I gave Leslie my favorite scarf in the *whole wide world* (the pink one, with the tinsel and sequins), we were totally in the mood to go look at yarn – she promised she would crochet me something and I promised I would knit her something (hey, I think she owes me two things now!). It was too late to go to the really neat yarn shop – they were already closed – so we went into Hobby Lobby just to take a look and see what they had.

We spent all kinds of time in the yarn section…got compliments on the pretty pink scarf I’d made, Leslie swapped crochet tips with another shopper who had on this *amazing* black scarf (it had a big slit where she could fit one side of the scarf through the other side, which looked really sophisticated), and somehow I got some free knitting lessons from the super-sweet lady that worked the yarn department; she just brought out some yarn and needles and was like “you do this, and then this” and I picked it up in no time – Leslie got the hang of it, too.

I wish that we’d been able to go to the yarn shop that I’m used to, because it’s locally owned and small (see, I feel guilty for going to the big-box place now), but since it was closed for the day, I picked up the yarn below – which was something like 50% off – and some yarn that Leslie picked out for me to make her a scarf with. She got some really cute things to crochet scarves with.

Image hosted by
(above:) I heart these colors in this eyelash yarn!

Now I’ve got so much yarn! I really-really-really want to get good enough to make what’s on the cover of the Winter Knitty here. How sweet is that!?

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