Locks of Love x 2

Hair donated to Locks of Love
I’ve got short hair (short to me!) now. I love long hair, and I’ve had it the vast majority of my life – but last week I went to my stylist to ask her to cut about 10″ or 11″ of my hair so I could donate it to ‘Locks of Love‘.

It’s so different to have short hair – it’s still long enough to put in a ponytail, but it’s nice in that I think it will look cute with pretty barrettes…and I’ll be able to curl or straighten it without the whole process taking a good hour each time! hahaha! Best of all, it makes me feel good to know that this will really help another person. That’s the *very* best part.

The last time I donated to Locks of Love, I got a sweet postcard from them in the mail a few weeks after I sent them the package, which is nice.

More information about donating to them can be found here.

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