Go Hoos! The Music City Bowl

We had the *absolute best time* at the Music City Bowl in Nashville. Virginia (where Av and both his parents graduated) was playing Minnesota.

We had tickets right on the 50-yard line, and we were in the Club Level, which was really very nice. The club level had its own escalators, concession area, and inside seating so that if you wanted, you could go inside and watch the game from there (or on one of the televisions that was playing the game on ESPN).

Usually we sit in the Virginia section when we go to the bowl game each year, but this year Av’s dad had a friend that encouraged him to get the club-level seats. I would have been happy either way!
Go Hoos!  Music City Bowl, 12.30.2005

Here’s Virginia kicking:
Kickoff, Music City Bowl, 12.30.2005

We were in full regalia. We went to the Virginia party the night before at the Hilton downtown and got these shakers and bunches of other stuff. Av bought me a nice UVA hoodie that I really appreciated, because the weather never warmed up like the forecasters thought it would! Oh – we all wore the scarves I made, and they were a big hit too!
At the Music City Bowl

This guy (below) was our arena section drunk. He kept saying (in the 1st quarter even) “this play is the game!” and was doing jumping-jacks, making his own calls as the referee, etc. He went from Elvis moves to doing the cauldron-stir. Definitely good for some laughs.
Drunk Guy at Music City Bowl

The game was super-close, but we won! We had *such* a great time!
Scoreboard, Music City Bowl, 12.30.2005 - We Won!

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