Round Feather Wreath

I made this for a baby announcement…

While I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics/Crafts in Mobile, I bought a 12″ white styrofoam wreath form and two pink feather boas. The only other thing I needed for the project was my clear jewelry string, scissors, and hot glue gun.
Making a Feather Wreath 1

I just tied the clear jewelry string to one end of the boa, and tied that to the wreath (I hot-glued these knots to make extra-sure they stayed).
Making a Feather Wreath 2

…then I just wrapped the boa around and around and around the wreath form until I got to the end of it, and just tied the end to the beginning of another boa with more clear jewelry string (again, hot-gluing the knot):
Making a Feather Wreath 3

All done! I might just need to trim it up in the center with my scissors, but I think it looks really great (like my other feather wreath, though, for some reason it looks so much better and fun in person than in my pictures):
Making a Feather Wreath 4

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