New Yarn – So Pretty Laines Du Nord

Late last week, I went with one of my friends to Knit Nouveau in Old Town Helena, Alabama. My friend bought yarn to make a blanket (it’s going to be *so* pretty), and I bought – as usual(!) – yarn to make more scarves.

Here’s what I got:
Berroco Suede color #3729 (it’s ribbon in black but not super-black) – I’ll be knitting this with one of the yarns I already have.

Berroco Lazer FX #6002 (it’s yarn with sequins that is *so pretty* when it’s knitted with other shiny yarns – I did one of my pink scarves with it, and it’s just really nice) – I don’t have plans for what I’ll be knitting it with, but I definitely wanted to get more of it.

Two Balls of Linie 129 Logo (it’s the brown nubby yarn below)

…and three different yarns of complementary hues that will go together into a scarf:
Laines Du Nord – Cocotte (it’s the chunky wool with a little tiny ribbon twisted through it)
Laines Du Nord – Kiddy Print (it’s the kid mohair yarn)
Laines Du Nord – Opaline (it’s the chunky boucle)

Yarn, Knitting


My latest finished project – it’s Crystal Palace Yarns in Splash #7189 Tidepool. I knitted this on #17 needles, and really like it. Soft!
Yarn, Knitting

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