Chanukah Feather Wreath with Dreidel

The new feather wreaths this year are just so different. They’re pretty trendy, so not sure if I’ll be using these in ten years, but they’re fun now!

…so I decided to make a Chanukah-themed wreath for our door! The one at Pottery Barn cost $49, and mine wound up costing about $30 ($24 in feather boas from Hancock Fabrics, and $6 for the syrofoam square form from Michael’s). The dreidel I hung in the middle was one I already had, but you can find really pretty dreidels from $1 wooden or plastic to crystal or silver ones in the hundreds. I think mine was just five or six dollars. The only other thing to complete the project is a hot glue gun, scissors, and some clear jewelry string.
Feather Wreath 1

All you do is take the clear jewelry string, tie it to the end of one of the feather boas, dab a tiny amount of hot glue to make absolutely certain it holds, then tie the string to the form and begin wrapping the boa around the wreath form.
Feather Wreath 2

When you get to the end of one boa, just tie another one onto the end of the previous one with the jewelry string, and dab again with hot glue. It took five feather boas to completely cover my wreath form. I had to be extra careful around the corners, because they’re a bit harder to cover, but it was super simple. When you’re done, just make sure everything’s all tucked in and that you can’t see the form at all.

Here’s the form, completely covered.
Feather Wreath//

Now I just took some jewelry string and tied it around the top of the dreidel (the string is clear, so you really can’t even see it!), and tied it again around the top of the wreath. I made sure it was secure, then….
Feather Wreath//

I hung it on the door, and it looks great (for some reason it looks better and more fun in person than in this pic)! Some of the feathers need to be cut to shape the whole thing up, so I’ll do that…but I think it looks really neat!
Feather Wreath//

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