Giardina’s, Greenwood MS

Giardina’s is now open on Mondays – so while we were there this last week, we took some pics (Giardina’s is right next to the Alluvian Hotel – so if you’re a guest at the hotel, you don’t even have to walk outside to get to it).

This is the view from inside the curtained booth. BTW, if it’s important to you to eat in one of the curtained areas, be sure to tell them when you make the reservation so there’s no chance that you’ll be put in the dining room at the end of the hallway if they’re busy (the dining room isn’t bad at all – but why not get the full experience?).

The booths all feature buzzers, so if you need the waiter, you can just ring for him. Our waiter seemed pretty talkative (but he kept calling us ‘guys’ – I heard him doing it with the table next to ours, too…..and this is just a peeve of mine or whatever….but when you’re somewhere you’ve gotten dressed up to go and you’re going to spend real money….I just think people shouldn’t be called ‘guys’. At Burger King, okay – but not somewhere nice.). I asked him what percentage of people actually used it (of every time we’ve been to Lusco’s or Giardina’s, I think we may have used it one time). He said that about 30% of tables will use it, and went on to say it was usually rich women who didn’t work that really liked to wear it out.


…as you can see, it’s nice and dark….

Hallway at Giardina's, Greenwood MS

Behind that chair, the button:

Giardina's, Greenville MS

My mint julep:
Mint Julep, Giardina's, Greenville MS

Mint Julep, Giardina's, Greenville MS

Here’s a pic of my bloody mary. It’s nice, and they put fresh pepper on top to give it a little bit of a bite:
Bloody Mary, Giardina's, Greenville MS

This is Av’s gumbo, which I’m not sure qualifies in my book as gumbo. There was no detectable okra and no rice at all….

These were the tamales we had as as an appetizer:
Tamales, Giardina's, Greenville MS

I had the linguine pasta with basil pesto cream sauce. Very good…
linguine pasta with basil pesto cream sauce, Giardina's, Greenville MS

Av had the whole broiled pompano. Nice….
Pompano at Giardina's, Greenwood MS

…and for the sides, we chose the garlic mashed potatoes and the ricotta spinach (very, very good).

This is a pic of Lusco’s, which we like a little bit better than Giardina’s. They aren’t open Sundays or Mondays, so we didn’t get to go this time – but when we’re back in Greenwood in December, we’ll be there!

Lusco's, Greenwood MS

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