Doro Plantation at Beulah MS

The historic marker at the turn for what was the Doro Plantation at Beulah says:

Doro Plantation
On land received as payment of legal fees in the 1840s. Doro Plantation was established in the early 1850s by Charles Clark, Confederate General and wartime Governor of Mississippi (1863-1865). Doro continued to thrive in the post-Civil War years. Gov. Clark and members of the Clark and Jacobs families are buried here.

Cotton field at Doro Plantation

Doro Plantation was in what’s now called Old Prentiss. It was the county seat of Bolivar County from 1852 to 1863, when it was burned by Federals. It fell into the river in 1865 and was uncovered in the drought of 1954 (the Clark’s house had to be moved before the war because the site was falling into the river. The house doesn’t exist today.).

Cemetery on Indian Mound at Doro Plantation, Near Beulah MS

The cemetery where General Clark is buried with his family is on top of an Indian mound.

Monument at Doro Plantation

General Clark’s monument in the cemetery.

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