Sukkah Party

Yesterday’s sukkah party at Av’s mom and dad’s house was really nice! It was especially good to visit people that we hardly ever get to see since we’re out of town so much. We spent Friday afternoon decorating the sukkah – here’s a pic of the finished sukkah just before the party:

The sukkah was really much prettier than it shows up in this pic – it was *really* nice. Av and I brought some sugar cane to decorate it with, too (we had some sugar cane on Friday – I had grown up with my PawPaw telling about how when he was little, that he and the other kids would get a stalk of sugar cane and peel it and eat it, and how sweet it was. I had never tried it before, but he’s right! It really is good.).

We had lots of cookies and candies and chips, and lots of people brought their own things, too. In addition to everything else, there was a birthday cake for my and our cousin’s birthday (mine’s not yet, but soon…), which was decorated in Autumn colors with lots of pretty leaves. The pumpkin I carved to look like our Temple was a pretty big hit, too!

There are some other pictures of sukkahs on Flickr here.

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