Old Courthouse Museum, Vicksburg MS

Old Courthouse Museum, Vicksburg MS

We’ve been meaning to visit the Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg for so long, and we finally got to it last week. *All* the pics I made at the museum can be found here at my Flickr set.

Famous Minie Ball Pregnancy : Old Courthouse Museum, Vicksburg MS

There is one picture among all the others that I must show — regarding the **famous** minie ball pregnancy – this minie ball passed through a soldier and into a fertile young lady…you know the rest. The sign says:

During the battle of Raymond, Miss., in 1863, a minie ball reportedly passed through the reproductive organs of a young lady who was standing on the porch of her nearby home. The story was written 11 years later by Dr. LeGrand G. Capers of Vicksburg for the American Medical Weekly. Capers claimed that he treated the wounds, that the girl became pregnant from the fertile minie ball, that he delivered the baby, introduced the girl to the soldier, that the two were married and had two more children by the normal method! (We don’t ask you to believe the story, just enjoy it!)

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