Fried Green Tomatoes at the Irondale Cafe

A couple of times a year, Av and I will have lunch at the Irondale Cafe in Irondale (just outside of Birmingham). Fannie Flag made the restaurant famous with her book, which was made into a movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes” – it was inspired by the Irondale Cafe when the restaurant was under the ownership of Fannie’s aunt, Bess Fortenberry.

It seems that the restaurant get lots of tourists coming in for the fried green tomatoes, which are served every day. They sell t-shirts, cookbooks, and even have their own batter mix that’s sold in grocery stores. The restaurant itself is set up as a cafeteria-style meat and three. I especially like their chicken livers, and collard greens – Av likes the fried chicken. Yum!

As for those famous fried green tomatoes, though, my favorite are the ones at Andrew’s Bar-B-Q in East Lake (another B’ham neighborhood).  Plus, Andrew’s has this great sign:


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