Hampton Inn, Vicksburg MS

Although we didn’t like this hotel much, we were so grateful just to find a room this close to Baton Rouge (I think it was something like 2-1/2 hours of driving time for us to get to BR from here).

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Room: We’ve stayed at this Vicksburg Hampton Inn a few before, but it’s been a while. This is an older hotel, with the doors facing outside (not all-interior like other Hamptons). The desk had a regular dining room-style chair, not an office chair like other Hamptons. There was a sofa inside the room, and the room did seem maybe a little larger than the average Hampton room.

The first day, we were only left two towels by the maid service. The second day, we were left only three towels.

Food: We didn’t try the breakfast, which was included in the cost of the room.

Extra: If you come to Vicksburg to see the National Cemetery, it’s pretty much across the street. A new Hampton Inn and Suites is being built very close to this hotel, and the existing hotel is slated to be a Comfort Inn or something like that. I think that the owners of this hotel quit putting money into this particular property a *long* time ago. It’s not very nice, but then again we only spent sleeping hours here anyway.

Our experience is this: Well, the new Hampton Inn & Suites is opening in Spring of 2006. The problem with hotels in Vicksburg is that there aren’t many options above the economy level. There is a fabulous-looking B and B called Cedar Grove Inn that I would have really liked to have stayed at this time, but since we were going to be getting back in so late at night, we didn’t want to have to worry about disturbing anyone. Their rooms and restaurant both look really nice.

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